As part of my Act II in life, I am focusing part of my attention on reading and writing about what I’m reading.  My reading goals include understanding the concept of “classic” literature and “great books”, reading a range of “classic literature” as well as more contemporary fiction and non-fiction.   I’ll update this section as my goals evolve.

Another part of my Act II involves growing dahlias and I will occasionally post pictures of dahlias from my garden.

July 2017

The dahlias are beginning to come on.  As I plant tubers directly and not until the very end of May I have to wait quite a while for blooms but my wait is coming to an end….  Here are the first few blooms and the garden that will be bearing more soon as well as other gardens that hold my attention in the meantime.


Aug 2017

More dahlias are coming forward with wonderful blooms.