The Consequences of Fear—More Massie Dobbs from Winspear

The Consequences of Fear

By Jacqueline Winspear

Published 2021

Read Sept 2021

This reader of this essay may note that this book was both published and read in 2021.  Yes, this reader has read all the previous books in Winspear’s Massie Dobbs series and will read the next one soon after it becomes available. 

What draws this reader to the series is fulfilled again in this book.  First, the descriptive language of the setting—London, Scotland, and Kent—and time—1941 and the circumstances of time—the country after two years of war with Germany with regular bombings and the loss of solider and citizen lives.  Second, the protagonist Massie Dobbs with whom we’ve shared her highs and lows of her eventful life through the various books and whose doubts and fears are highlighted as she perseveres despite many losses in the two world wars England has suffered.  Third, an interesting mystery that informs the reader about some aspect of history—this time that UK intelligence used young boys to literally run memos between various locations in London.    

Not unlike the Tony Hillerman series, this series of mysteries provides more than the mystery.  There are interesting characters dealing with serious issues in their lives.  There is immersion in a time and place that provides some teaching about that time and place.  And the stories are not cookie-cutter.  This reader recommends both series and is glad that Winspear will be providing more of Massie Dobbs. 

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